Warspite with Iain Ballantyne


This episode is the first interview for the podcast, but certainly not the last. Last week I released the Warspite special, when I did that I did the normal social media stuff, and when I posted on Twitter Iain Ballantyne was tagged. For every series of episodes for the podcast there is a foundational source, it is sometimes the book I read first, sometimes the book I find the most useful, but there is always something that functions as the baseline for all of my other research. For the Warspite special that episode was Mr. Ballantyne’s Warspite. After a bit of back and forth on Twitter we ended up arranging an interview that was done just the past Wednesday, and I wanted to get it out as soon as possible. I hope you enjoy it, our conversation discussed a few pieces of the podcast, and some of the research that Mr. Ballantyne did for the book. If you would like to check out any of Mr. Ballantyne’s books you can find a link in the show notes or on the website over at historyofthesecondworldwar.com/interviews. You can look forward to more interviews starting on Sunday December 13th, at which point the Spanish Civil War Interview series will begin.