Episodes Overview


This is a tentative roadmap for the podcast, it is always subject to change.

  • Introduction
  • First World War Recap
  • Treaty of Versailles Overview
  • League of Nations: Foundation, Early Years, and Failure
  • Rise of Mussolini
  • Great Depression
  • Rise of Hitler
  • Disarmament, Peace Movements, and Politics
  • Italo-Ethiopian Crisis
  • Spanish Civil War
  • Second Sino-Japanese War
  • Road to War: Politics
    • Political overview of countries around the world up to 1938
    • Economic situation
    • Rearmament
    • Appeasement
    • Anschluss
    • Munich Crisis
  • Road to War: Military Theory and Technology
    • State of military theory and preparations around the world in the months before Germany’s invasion of Poland
  • War Begins