Cuban Antifascism with Dr. Ariel Lambe


On this episode of our Spanish Civil War Interview Series I was joined by Dr. Ariel Lambe from the University of Connecticut to discuss her book No Barrier Can Contain It: Cuban Antifascism and the Spanish Civil War as well as her ongoing researching into Cuban antifascism in the period surrounding the Spanish Civil War. My conversation with Dr. Lambe was fascinating, and provided unique insight into events in Cuba before and after the Civil War, and how those events were both related to events in Spain and uniquely Cuban. Cuba was in a somewhat unique position given its colonial past and its continuing connections with Spain and its rich history. We also discussed the somewhat unique role that Cuban volunteers in Spain would play due to their bilingual and international nature. One of the topics that I knew nothing about that we touched on near the end of our interview was the effects that the civil war had on the political situation within Cuba, and how it played a role in altering the course of Cuban history.


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