Spanish Anarchism with Dr. James Yeoman


In the decades before the Spanish Civil War Spain had experienced a very rocky political period. The Spanish economy had been somewhat precarious even before the economic upheavals of the First World War, and the resulting economic booms and busts of that war would set the country up for a tumultuous 1920s and 1930s. There were many different political beliefs present in Spain at this time, and one political ideology that would gain a lot of traction within Spain was Anarchism. In the following interview I chatted with Dr. James Yeoman to discuss why the Anarchist movement was so well supported within Spain, and how the role of anarchist groups both within Spain and as viewed by international Anarchists, played an important role in the years before the Civil War.

Dr. Yeoman’s research focuses on Spanish history in the decades before the Spanish Civil War with a special emphasis on anarchism and anarchist movements in Spain and around the world.


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