8: Plans


For the first time in a long time the Members episodes head back to land to discuss the evolution of the Reichswehr during the 1920s. In this episode we focus on the different viewpoints present in the Reichswehr during this time that would directly influence its evolution during the 1920s and early 1930s.


  • Storm of Steel: The Development of Armor Doctrine in Germany and the Soviet Unition 1919-1939 by Mary R. Habeck
  • The Roots of Blitzkrieg: Hans von Seeckt and German Military Reform by James S. Corum
  • Germany Disarmed and Rearming, 1925-1935 by Berenice A. Carroll
  • The Enigma of German Operational Theory: The Evolution of Military Thought in Germany, 1919-1936 by Gil-li Vardi
  • The Path to Blitzkrieg: Doctrine and Training in the German Army, 1920-1939 by Robert M. Citino
  • Quest for Decisive Victory: From Stalemate to Blitzkrieg in Europe, 1899-1940 by Robert M. Citino

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